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Where to find information about NEO development progress.

Can anyone tell me where/how I get some (good!) feeling how the development is progressing in the NEO Github repository? Everywhere I look in the NEO Github space I see very little communication or updates with recent timestamps. Also the milestone progress of NEO 3.0 is indicating 73-74 % complete, now for a couple of months. ( 8 months ago it was already 61% complete ( I am pretty confident that there will be programming progress, but I as a NEO fan and investor wants to know a little bit more what is happening 'behind the scenes'. In the old day's (!) (2017/2018) the Reddit NEO sub was filled with progress news and quoted Da Hongfei news items. Also for instance a monthly calendar with NEO related meetings worldwide, but now I mainly read stuff about NEO Dapp games and wallet issues and repeating discussions about GAS. Please point me in the right direction.
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