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We need to reassure each other that announcement(s) of N3 official launch is NOT going to change our lives/investments in one night

People are complaining more and more as the market dwindles, in the fear of the official release of upcoming N3 platform will be "timed" during a bear market. We should instead reassure ourselves (more than often in this particular group) to not build up the hype so much that we attract pump n dump traders when it actually happens. Killing the hype is always faster/larger in volume than building it up, and this is inefficient practice for stability obv. NEO team is aiming for bigger game than selling some hyped news and investors should act by it to support the eco. As a developer, how/why would you make a valuation of something that you haven't even used/see it being applied? More importantly, why would we want the NEO blockchain to be priced higher before inviting any projects over? Do you not see why many developers are migrating their existing & future projects out of Ethereum blockchain atm?? There's no direct correlation for the launch of a new tech to be immediately valued higher, other than 300% hype alone, period. If the product is good, which supposedly is per John deVadoss, developers themselves will go out of their ways to promote it simply because it makes their daily lives easier, not because they'll get rich from it (whether we're in a bear or bull market).
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