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Why digital identity is important and how Moonlight is blazing the path

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has approved the Vivid decentralized identifier (DID) method specification by Moonlight. The specification released by Moonlight conforms to the requirements laid down by the W3C DID Working Group, and provides a framework for developers to create and manage identity documents on the Neo2, Neo3, and Zilliqa networks.

W3C is an international community dedicated to the development of open standards for the Web. More information about the DID Working Group can be found in its charter.

Unique identifiers

Many use cases exist for globally unique identifiers. Most people are used to seeing barcodes on products for example, called Universal Product Codes. Each barcode is unique, representing only a specific item no matter where you are in the world. Other examples of globally unique identifiers could include web URLs or the IBANs used for international banking in Europe. They may differ in form, but the essential use case is the same—they provide a way to distinguish between different entities or objects.

Something all these examples have in common is their dependence on a central authority. In some cases, a single identifier depends on a chain of these authorities. Take a web URL for example; a domain name (e.g. google) is licensed from a registrar, and the top-level domain (e.g. .com) is controlled by another organization, the IANA, itself falling under US jurisdiction.

This dependency on trust creates a number of downsides. If an organization disappears, so does the identifier or its resolvability. Even if the organization remains, there is always the possibility that the data could be tampered with or censored.

DID specification

Though these systems are adequate for a variety of scenarios, new use cases and growing concerns over data sovereignty has encouraged the pursuit and adoption of alternatives. DIDs emerged as one such solution, proposed by W3...

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