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Travala featured in one of the top newspapers in Vietnam.

[\-dung\-khong\-the\-thieu\-khi\-di\-du\-lich\-20180531002940283.chn]( It's so great to see this project being noticed by the press. I hope this will give them the needed traction to get more main stream adoption. I'm going to assume you guys can't read Vietnamese just like me this is what google came up with. **Introducing Travala To The World** These are exciting times for the online travel marketplace. That's because of Travala – the potentially global online travel booking marketplace that utilizes blockchain technology to optimal effect. **Travala \- The New Solution for Travel and Blockchain** Travala is a travel booking marketplace that plans to become a decentralized, trustworthy and zero\-commission travel platform with the help of the NEO blockchain. This will actually be the first of its kind on the NEO platform.While operating a centralized front\-end and a decentralized back\-end, the platform allows suppliers to tweak their listings as well as integrate the benefits of the NEO blockchain onto the AVA engine. This will ultimately lead to the establishment of a trustworthy, secure, and transparent travel booking platform that also drastically limits the costs that usually come with the travel industry.By offering various benefits that other potential competitors do not, AVA plans to tip the scales of the travel industry. These benefits will include a business model devoid of fees; with suppliers given a 0% booking and commission fee. This in turn means that there are no hidden fees pushed back onto the customers. **Features of Travala** The features of the Travala platform are numerous. Some of the advantages include: Considerable speed in the carrying out of transactions is assured by the utilization of the NEO blockchain \(up to 1,000 transactions per second on the NEO blockchain\) The incorporation of a dispute option in each of the bookings...
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