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ToxicList: Why should you use it?

What is ToxicList?

The main idea of ToxicList is to protect emerging projects against interacting with unethical investors interested just in earning huge profits by selling most of their tokens almost immediately after the project’s launch. We call such unethical investors flippers. With ToxicList, every crypto market player has the opportunity to report on investor’s behaviour and check others’ reports. That is why ToxicList is beneficial for all parties involved except for real flippers. More detailed information about the idea behind ToxicList and the project’s vision may be found in its manifesto or the following article.

Shortly, when an investor sells most of the tokens ASAP, he dumps the token’s price (makes a flip) thereby affecting the performance of a project and the confidence of its ethical investors. ToxicList is going to change the status quo by revealing flippers and building crypto investment ethics.

Anyone can report on a flipper in an anonymous, fast, and easy way on the ToxicList website. You just need to indicate a particular address that got tokens from the project and then sold them within 3 days after listing. We have provided a simple step-by-step instruction on how you can report to ToxicList. Only data about investor’s unethical behaviour will be added to the ToxicList Database (DB) after being validated by the ToxicList team.

We strongly assure you that the information on reporters is private and will not be disclosed to any parties.

Currently, ToxicList is collecting reports submitted by projects and their community members.

In this article, we describe the value you get by providing info on the flipping addresses to ToxicList.

Why ToxicList?

Since the main idea of ToxicList is to improve the crypto market environment, our users will be able to check if a crypto address flipped some tokens in the past. The on-chain data (open access) is usually used to validate flipping cases, everyone ca...

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