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The First Generative NFTs on Neo N3 are launching on December 3rd

We are excited to announce that the first generative NFTs on Neo N3 will be launching on December 3rd at 12:00pm PST! Minting will go live on our website ( with support for NeoLine and WalletConnect.

What are Bowls?

Bowls (BOWL) are our first collection of NFTs, and the staple NFT for the Humswap platform. Bowl owners will get access to exclusive benefits such as a members only portal, games, airdrops, and more. The first airdrop for BOWL owners will be in Q1 2022.

Each BOWL has a chance to mint with DeFi attributes such as reduced swapping fees, bonus stacking yields, and liquidity pool boosters. Our DeFi products, that will launch in 2022, will integrate with Bowls.

Bowls will have millions of variations. With over 200 individual assets and 150 toppings, there will be an enormous amount of options. We also have some surprise attributes added to the mix!

The BOWL contract has been audited by Red4Sec, and all Bowls are algorithmically generated.

Mint Information

Each Bowl will mint for 30 GAS. Humswap will reserve 100 Bowls for future giveaways and contests, and each team member will receive 5 Bowls for a total of 15 Bowls for the Humswap team.

Total Supply of BOWL: 10,000

Mint Price: 30 GAS

BOWL will have a direct featured listing on GhostMarket, and will be tradable from day 1.

Bowls Giveaways!

Starting tomorrow (November 17th), for the next 17 days, we will be giving away one BOWL everyday in our Discord up until launch!

Become a special member of our community by joining our Discord and following us on Twitter. This will be a historic event for both Neo and Humswap as we usher in a new era of NFTs on the Neo Blockchain!

A Bowls launch party is in the works. Prep some pita bread and hummus from your local grocery. (BYOP!)

🎉🎉 Join us for our 17 Days of Giving Celebration 🎉🎉

✔ Join our Discord

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Flamingo: Migration Launch Details

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Are you ready for NeoFS DevLog?

We are excited to have Alexey from @neospcc as the guest for #Devlog! He will talk about the two features of #NeoN3: NeoFS and Oracle! 🤓Join the live voice session on discord 👉
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Flamingo: Migration Launch Details

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