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Switcheo’s New Look - We’ve Rebranded!

Over the past year, we’ve felt that the Switcheo brand has been in need of a re-imagination. We’ve been wanting to refine our brand to better reflect our growth as our ecosystem expands. We’ve also been eager to refocus our identity to better reflect our unique values.

We’ve therefore spent some time reflecting on what makes Switcheo tick. In parallel, the team has gathered input from those who matter most - our community, advisors, and, of course, you. Today, we’re excited to finally share the culmination of our efforts with the world.

Through it all, we’ve found that Switcheo has become a beloved name to many of you. That’s why our name is not changing. Our team and corporate ownership are also unchanged. We are committed to providing a wider ecosystem with the same quality of products. We will continue experimenting with daring innovations, and we will keep providing you the same (or better!) level of service you have come to expect over the years.

Our new identity is more than a design makeover - we believe that it is a truer representation of who we are at our core.

Evolution of The Switcheo Logo

The new Switcheo logo has been thoughtfully designed to communicate the values and motivations behind our name. It conveys a fresh and confident new look with bold type and refined colors. Switcheo’s growth-oriented, aspiring, and daring nature is symbolized by the new Switcheo logo.

The letter “T” is transformed into an up-right arrow in the logo. The arrow adds energy to the overall logo, representing the movement of bounding upward. It depicts Switcheo’s positive future and continuous growth. It also represents the Switcheo team’s forward-thinking to strive for progress and continuous improvement. This is what has always defined us, and it will continue to define us as we move forward.

The New Switcheo Theme: Colors and Illustrations

We believe our new look better articulates the Switcheo ecos...

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