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Spotcoin - Bridging the gap between NEO dApps and FIAT.

What is the word on the street? Take a look at what our fellow NEO Projects say about Spotcoin, then make sure you get whitelisted for our ICO.

Providing Fiat and Crypto Access

NEO Health, a company focused on using blockchain technology to back up electronic medical records is excited by the work we do and the potential value a partnership can provide. At our Assembly, Laurent David touched on future opportunities. He said “The things that Spotcoin provides with NEO technology is useable at financial site of transactions [for us]. I think in the near future we have to sit with Spotcoin” to explore future opportunities and collaborations.

Mark Jeffrey, CEO of Guardian Circle, a lifesaving emergency management app, mission when he said “There is one big problem that all of us doing dApps has. [That] is the onramp of fiat to a NEP-5 token. [We need] some easy way to swipe a credit card and get a bunch of tokens that are applicable in your dApp. Nobody’s doing that but Spotcoin. So, we are really looking forward to Spotcoin going live and putting that in our dApps to make that very easy. It’s very exciting.”

The exchange is on the mind of our third-place Hackathon winners Golden Fleece. CEO Vakhtang Gogokhia said “I am a great fan of Spotcoin and the Spotcoin team. They have been delivering their project well and I hope they will succeed and build a great exchange.”

Building Great Relationships

Chris Dawe, CEO of Effect.AI, a decentralized network for artificial intelligence, was particularly inspired by the focus on regional communal development. He said “Spotcoin is truly the only project combining the growth of a project while at the same time building a major Blockchain movement within their region. Very inspiring.” With friends like these, we can only succeed!

Friendships are key. When Tim Gick met Travala CEO Matt Luczynski, a beautiful working relationship was born. Luczynski said Spotcoin was supportive by “provided so...

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