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[Serious] Is NEO a “zombie” project and has it been abandoned already? Disclaimer : I attended Token Summit NYC today.

Feel free to attack me; that I’m here to distribute FUD. But my goal is to try to have as objective and unbiased a view as I can possibly get from this community. Disclaimer # 2: I’m heavily invested in NEO. I attended Token Summit today in NYC, and actually had the serendipitous chance of being able to talk to some heavy hitters in the industry that are either previously invested/bullish on NEO, and are not anymore. Scoop is , the main developers behind it have left the project because the consensus mechanism / technology just does not work. There is no traction, no activity on GitHub, and it is basically a zombie project. Most have moved onto Ontology, which is ironically built on NEO. And to top it off, it correlates with the current price action on it. Prove me wrong, or I will indeed just move on. As a priority, I am ultimately an investor and try to stay open minded to other perspectives, and will try my best not to fall in love with a project irrespective of the promises the project will deliver in terms of utility. Actions speak louder than words and frankly atm, it seems like the hype is winning over.
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