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Question about DeFi today and in the future

Hi guys! Last few days I thought about cryptos in general and its potential in the (near) future. One branch of cryptocurrencies which really surged last few months/years are platforms or specific coins with applications that belong to the DeFi sphere. Which brings me to NEO 3.0 and Flamingo. So far as I understood it, as of today, DeFi does not seem like it is extremly usefull for borrowing while depositing huge collaterals. Except for daytraders who want to trade on margin or people who need a fast loan but dont want to liquidate their cryptos - I see no real useability as of right now. In the past I thought to myself, that it doesnt matter, because it is only the beginning of this technology and it will further develop and expand its realworld usecase. But nowadays I feel like that there has to be a centralized entity for a broader usecase. I mean without a centralized entity that evaluates the risk of a person lending, for example to build a house, it would be really unsafe to loan money. So my point is that even with fully developed DeFi system, there would be limits which cannot be passed without something that does the job which banks currently do. So at end of the day, I guess there will be always a middleman. Maybe it will be banks, exchanges or specialized companies - I dont know. But if thats the case, what is then the real value of a decentralized system? It there is a good article about DeFi in general and its future outlook, I would be really thankful if you could point me to it! Thank you in advance for your input! Cheers
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