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Number of members in /NEO

What's everyones take on the amount of members in the /NEO subreddit? If I'm to believe the numbers for this group, there is consistently more people online in this group than the /Ethereum and /Cryptocurrency subreddits. Even the /Bitcoin subreddit doesn't have many more members online. There's definitely something not right there if you ask me.... I've also noticed that the group seems to grow and then a bunch of members leave. It never wants to make it above 100k members for some strange reason... If I put my tinfoil hat on, I'd guess that there was a heap of fake bot accounts added during the 2017 bullrun to help pump NEO and excite everyone. Now those same accounts are being used to cover the real interest in NEO, ie the amount of real accounts is increasing, but fake accounts are being deleted to make it look like interest is not growing. Don't get me wrong, NEO is a solid project and my biggest long term bag, but there's no way this subreddit has more people online than /cryptocurrency and /ethereum (at least not yet). What does everyone think? Is there another explanation and should I take my tinfoil hat off?
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