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NSPCC: Release NEO-GO:0.61.0 Cuspidation - MainNet ready

New features:

Prometheus support for monitoring (#441) neo-go contract invoke now accepts endpoint parameter (--endpoint or -e) to specify RPC node to be used for invocation (#363) RPC server now supports invokescript method (#348) minimum peers number can now be configured (#468) configured CORS workaround implemented in the RPC package (#469)

Behavior changes:

neo-go contract inspect now expects avm files in input, but can also compile Go code with -c parameter (previously is was done by default), inspect subcommand was removed from neo-go vm (it dumped avm files in previous release) (#463) the default minimum peers was reduced to 3 for privnet setups to avoid useless reconnections to only 4 available nodes RPC service now has its own section in configuration, update your configurations (#469)


VM.Load() now clears the state properly, making VM reusable after the Run() (#463) Compile() in compiler package no longer accepts Options, they were not used previously anyway (#463) invocation stack depth is now limited in the VM (#461) VM got new State() method to get textual state description (#463) vm's Stack structure can now be marshalled into JSON (#463)

Bugs fixed:

race in discoverer part of the server (#445) RPC server giving improper (not JSON) respons to unimplemented API requests (#463)
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