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NGC Portfolio: Strategic investment in Crypto Briefing

Crypto Briefing started off as two people chatting in a Telegram group. We shared ideas about the blockchain projects we found interesting, and wondered if there was some way that we could make a difference in the community we had grown passionate about.

We founded Crypto Briefing on the principles of independence and honesty that we considered innate to distributed ledger technology. Our ideas, and this tech, just seemed to go well together.

This week we celebrate one year of bringing our readers news, opinion, ICO reviews, token progress reports, blockchain tech updates, code analyses, coin guides, and more.

We’ve created over 850 pieces of original content, written over a million words, reviewed upwards of 75 early-stage blockchain businesses – and Crypto Briefing has reached literally millions of people. In fact, perhaps appropriately for our birthday, more people visited our website yesterday than on any day since our launch.

Most importantly, we’ve worked hard to earn a reputation as a research and media company that puts our readers first. We’ve never accepted a ‘sponsored story’. We’ve never taken payment, or tokens, or freebies, for any review or rating. Not ever.

To be fair, we ran a couple of Google ads when we were a week or two old… but we swore off them and we’ve been in advertising rehab ever since.

What our readers get from us is our very best effort at quality, unbiased content. If we make a factual error, we take steps to correct it. We have strong opinions sometimes – but they are derived from our mission statement, which bears repeating:


“Crypto Briefing exists to advocate for the safe and responsible integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology into mainstream life.”


We put emphasis on “safe and responsible” every day.

That’s one of the key reasons we were able to attract investors of world-class quality – these are also people who believe in the future of...

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