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New NEO based EPIPHANY exchange and how it will add a unique feature

One way EPIPHANY’s Exchange will add unique value to the landscape of DEXs

While the NEO based EPIPHANY Exchange (EPNex) will certainly raise standarts concerning professionalism, artifical intelligence, security and reliablilty among other leading Digital Asset Exchanges, this article will focus on one very unique feature adding a huge value for novice investors: Brokerage Service.


Some words about myself. I was fortune enough to hear about Bitcoin back in 2013 when a friend of mine told me about it on his birthday party. He convinced me to invest some money and when the Mt.Gox crash came I lost my enthusiasm and paid no further attention to it. In January 2017 I realized that my inactivity turned out to be they right “strategy”. As we all know it was the start of one crazy year for cryptocurrencies. Early believers like me and the recently attracted crowd witnessed how people made thousands of dollars with little investments and some even became millionaires. Everybody wanted to join and the first questions arised. Where? What to buy? When?Whom to trust?….

Investing Issues

Today the Situation did not change. In fact decision making has become even more vastly complex as there are more market participants, influencer technological innovations and improvements. As if this wouldn’t already be enough to build entry barriers the hype around the crypto industry not only attracted potential investors and adopters but also an enourmous increased number of “black sheep”. Besides criminal activities like hacking and insider trading, market manipulation and all kinds of other frauds such as impersonating are common and aim at either create fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) or fear of missing out (FOMO), depending on the strategy of the actor. Besides this security and reliablitiy concerns investors are faced with an overwhelmingly large choice of different cryptocurrencies.

for original findings see Sowa Labs 2018 EPIPHANY’s...
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