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New BLOCKLORDS content update on NEO: Troop deployment, Item Armory, and Limited Edition NEO Armor Drop!

Try BLOCKLORDS Today! NEO version: O3 wallet: Hit like and subscribe to keep up with the latest updates! Join the converstation: Twitter: Telegram: Discord: Facebook: What is BLOCKLORDS? BLOCKLORDS is a grand strategy game set in medieval Europe that lets players create heroes, trade items, conquer cities, and earn taxes on sales made within their walls. Pushing a new kind of user-driven economy, the BLOCKLORDS team dreams of a future where players will be able to earn an income from their in-game activities. For more information, visit

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On the importance of Oracles: NEO 3.0 and dBFT

Connecting the dots has been the role of Scientists over the history, in which achievements of past generations are summed up in an effort of finding counter-proofs and improving previous findings…