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Neon Wallet Successfully Migrated: Not fully obvious, but figured it out.

Hey All, Just spent the last day figuring out the migration process from a legacy NEON WALLET user to an N3 NEON WALLET. Firstly as someone who is not involved in crypto details and mostly just owns coins as a trader this process is not easily explained on the migration website. The website is written in the manner that someone already has some knowledge about cryptocurrency understandings and migration basics. I feel that a lot of simplification is needed on the website, especially in the FAQ area, as the answers explain things that are not obvious or I couldn't find anyone or any post explaining the answer given on the process. Sadly I lost some funds in the process of figuring this process out, but hopefully, this will be helpful to someone in the future in preventing them from losing money on simple issues. Firstly, DO NOT SEND your NEO coins from the legacy NEO wallet to N3 NEO wallet within NEON, this was poorly explained on the FAQ section under NEON users and a post within Reddit stated they just sent funds from their NEON legacy to NEON N3 wallet and it worked, but when I tested that out with test funds, the coins left my legacy wallet and never appeared in my N3 wallet, so unsure what happened to them... I just know it's been more than 24hrs and they have not processed into my N3 wallet. So again don't try it. Secondly, the way of connecting the funds to the migration website is not really detail enough, when I first tried it, it would just redirect me to the wallet website instead of actually trying to link the account. I kinda stumbled upon it when I had my wallet opened and realized it finally gave me the option to connect the account to begin the migration process. So in order for you to connect either the NeoLine or O3 Desktop account, you have to be logged into those accounts and you have to be logged into the legacy account to start the process. For example, when I tried to connect my NEO Legacy account from O3 Desktop, it fills in the selectio...
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