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NEON wallet 2.1.0

macOS: 099def61e385f7b55e0f918b164e3fc58047deaa73864d0611d85a87a2570bc7 openssl sha256 Neon-2.1.0.Mac.dmg

Windows: a1733697025d9c7b0ce80f6ea12517b936d8433a8b5b38e0ab8e8e4b406567b3 certUtil -hashfile "Neon-2.1.0.Windows.exe" SHA256

Linux deb: 72ca853d12eb8eeb6e9a5c94d5314d4bda2281ba06fa430093db14641b1f851d sha256sum Neon-2.1.0_amd64.Linux.deb

Linux AppImage: f116dc093703a678efb2bf255359f223ae57cbb1cbcd367beb5fe6e6bab8cbdb sha256sum Neon-2.1.0-x86_64.Linux.AppImage


Support for multiple public addresses via ledger nano Support for unconfirmed transactions in Activity page and improved error messaging Enhanced UI/UX QR and webcam support Improvements to automatic node selection algorithm Descriptions added to nep9 payment requests Manually added tokens will now display their symbol in Activity page Adds validation for import of wallets via JSON upload Adds the ability to transfer nep5 tokens without neoscan availability Adds the ability to delete contacts from list view Adds the ability to copy public address in activity page for contacts that already exist Adds Novem Gold Token (NNN) and associated assets to available tokens Adds polling to the activity tab so that user does not have to manually refresh page


Fixes issue with font not loading properly in certain places Fixes bug causing node selection page to not render Fixes bug causing dashboard to crash if payload from cryptocompare is malformed Fixes UI of confirmation modal in Contact modal Fixes issue with wrong fiat value being returned for SOUL Fixes issue preventing transfer of RHT token Fixes bug that caused wallet imported page to wrongfully show success on errors Fixes bug causing the graph values in market data chart to show the wrong currency value when changing duration

Under the hood:

Dependency and security updates Improvements to test coverage and code quality Upgrade to web pack 4 along with related dependencies Op...
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