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NeoFS N3 TestNet Release and First Episode of NeoFS Beginner’s Guide

Following the recent launch of the N3 TestNet, we are excited to announce an updated NeoFS test environment deployment. All users are invited to test out NeoFS and experience its features.

In this initial stage, we have deployed NeoFS on the N3 TestNet so that anyone can take advantage of storing objects on real distributed NeoFS network instances. Simply upload your objects and then access them anywhere through the NeoFS CLI or N3 smart contracts, powered by oracles.

To make it simple for non-developers, we also launched our updated HTTP gateway for anyone. We will show how to use HTTP gateway in the next article.

Soon, S3 gateway service will also be made available; and it will become possible for any user to run a storage node on their own machines. We also expect full support for the NeoFS API in the RC2 version of NeoGUI, providing a more convenient interface for the full range of storage actions.

This article is the first episode of a multi-part series to get familiar with NeoFS and it’s features. We will cover requirements as well as the first set of storage actions like putting and retrieving your first objects.

Enjoy and stay tuned for further updates!


NeoFS is a distributed, decentralized object storage platform developed by Neo SPCC.

NeoFS nodes are organized in a peer-to-peer network that takes care of storing and distributing data. Any Neo user may participate in the network and get paid for providing storage resources to other users or store their data in NeoFS and pay a competitive price for it. Data is stored reliably, with the decentralized architecture and flexible storage policies ensuring a transparent data placement process.

NeoFS also offers a native gRPC Application Programming Interface (API) and popular protocol gateways such as AWS S3, HTTP, and FUSE. These allows developers to easily integrate their existing applications without rewriting their code. Using this set ...

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