NEO stuck in Exodus - need GAS

self.NEO13d ago
About a year ago, I bought 10 NEO on []( and moved them to Exodus Wallet to farm GAS, then stopped following the project. Was catching up on today and realized that my NEO stopped farming GAS a while ago since NEO migrated to NEO 3.0. Turns out I can't get my GAS and NEO since I need GAS to free the GAS rewards I have and I even need GAS to convert NEO to GAS. They're both just stuck in Exodus. Could anyone point me in the direction of a GAS faucet, or send me a tiny bit of GAS so I can get my own GAS out (I have 0.09839 waiting to be unlocked). My Exodus GAS address is AbCYUSNQCdeCNnLNat9AGfKxvdRcTpDjNM - I have 0.0983959 GAS locked and will pay you back as soon as I can unlock it. Thank you in advance!