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Neo inflation schedule

This is an update of the [Antshares inflation schedule]( thread. Thank you to those who asked me to repost this - the idea is that this thread can serve as a comprehensive answer to any questions related to the 50M additional Neo shares that will be added to circulation over time. ------ There have been a lot of questions about the inflation schedule for Neo, so I'm putting together this post to provide an overview: * **High level:** There are currently 50M Neo in circulation. Over time, this amount **will increase to 100M - this is the maximum number of Neo that will ever be in existence.** * **What this means:** Like most monetary systems, Neo will experience inflation as new coins are added to the system, diluting the value of existing Neo shares. This inflation will be **2x over the entire life of the project**, meaning existing Neo will be diluted by half. For reference, the U.S. dollar experienced an average inflation rate of 3.99% per year between 1970 and 2017. $100 in the year 1970 is [equivalent to $630.22 in 2017]( This means total inflation of 6.3x over the time period. * **Why would they dilute my precious Neo?:** While this is surprising on the surface, this is actually in the best interest of all Neo holders. The additional 50M Neo shares will be used to improve the Neo platform by paying for software development, attracting top talent, providing incentives for the community to improve the platform, offering bug bounty rewards, and funding marketing efforts. The Neo/Antshares whitepaper specifically describes: "[the additional 50M] Neo will be allocated for supporting the long-term operations of Neo." Ultimately, the intent is that the dilution of Neo shares more than pays for itself in terms of value appreciation. * **Earmarked plans for the funds:** The [Neo whitepaper](
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