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Neo - guys don't do like me!

Hello Ants, First of all sorry for my english is not my first language! Long time neo holder from 2017 my portofolio with neo went all the way up in 2018 at ath to 120k didn't sold and after...the crash has come.... i had my neo and some btc sent to my ledger and i waited paciently and from time to time still buying some bits when the price was good... fast time forward i'm in uk and from January we were in lockdown so due to my job ( uber driver) i didn't had any more work to do.. so a lot of time at home... one day i decided to send my neo on binance and do some small trades to acumulate more coins... i sold at $19 to buy back lower neo in 2 days went to 25 .. 30.. i managed to buy back but i lost almost half of my coins .. the pain was big and i tought i learn my lesson.. but out of frustration of what i could do i said couple days ago to try and recover some of the coins again if i can.. and i sold at 65$ in couple hours and next day neo was 84... and soon after you know 102$.. and now mooning where he belongs in top 5 coins!! I knew the rules to not try to time the marker but i think after many days inside.. staying at home.. it started affect me psihicaly in november i also lost my mother because of covid-19 so i think this things afected my thinking ... i have no logic explanation why after 3 years of waiting patiently and knowing that neo will be back soon i started make this things! The pain is big and i try to get over but trust me it really hurts..because now i'm thinking of me that i'm an complete idiot because of what i did! For the new people in the market listen DO NOT DO THE SAME MISTAKE do not try to time the market you think you are different and you feel i don't know what.. no it will not work maybe 1 from 10! which is not an encouraging percentage! Don't be greedy and when you are satiafied with what you have sell .. Please learn from my mistake and others mistake.. it's smart and better than to learn from yours... . I hope neo will do goo...
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