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Nash Liquidity mining beta: 100,000 NEX are up for grabs

Nash is launching a beta liquidity mining program to create incentives for traders. Our program offers a total of 100,000 NEX to traders in proportion to the volume they create on our exchange.

For five weeks, beginning on 1 October at midnight UTC, Nash will offer a reward pool of 20,000 NEX per week, of which 10,000 NEX will be awarded for taker volume and 10,000 NEX for maker volume.

This test program will form the basis of future initiatives to generate liquidity through community incentives.

Click here to learn more about NEX if you are not familiar with our revenue-sharing token.

How to participate

All traders can participate in the program. All you need to do is trade, either as a maker or taker.

The threshold for receiving rewards is $10,000 average volume per day during each week, with a minimum of four days above $10,000.

No registration or locking is required.

Valid markets for the first week of the program are:


Nash team members and partners (e.g. in our paid market-making program) are excluded from receiving rewards.

How rewards are calculated

At the end of each week of the program we will compute separate leaderboards for maker and taker volume on and offer proportionate rewards from the prize pools. This means we will compute the first leaderboard and rewards on 8 October 2020.

We are also giving back to our community! If you have existing NEX staked for 24 months you will be rewarded:

≥ 500 NEX: 50% volume bonus ≥ 1000 NEX: 100% volume bonus

Total NEX staked is taken into account, so these amounts can be spread across multiple 24-month stakes.

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