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More great content from NeoNewsToday - 2020 EOY Reflections by Neo Ecosystem Leaders

2020 was a year like no other, for Neo, for blockchain, and for the entire world. As 2020 draws to a close, Neo News Today reached out to representatives from across the Neo ecosystem to collect their personal reflections on the year that was.

Their comments can be found below:

John Wang – NGD Eco Growth director The most important concept for blockchain in 2020 is “DeFi”. DeFi is a new financial service industry. It is a new financial service network composed of many blockchain-based financial projects. Compared with the traditional financial industry, DeFi’s advantages are more transparency, convenience and composability. Although DeFi has also exposed many problems, as the best scenario for blockchain at present, I believe that DeFi will have greater development in 2021 and will be paid attention to by more traditional financial institutions. At the same time, digital assets and blockchain technology have entered the public’s field of vision more widely, and more and more people have begun to hold Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin has been widely mentioned by media like other traditional assets. Whether in the United States, Europe or China, the government is encouraging innovation in blockchain technology. I believe that with the gradual improvement of blockchain infrastructure, there will be many new innovations in 2021. Neo has not stopped its pace in 2020. We have joined IWA, BSN and IEEE to more closely carry out the construction of blockchain technology standards and service platforms; we have initiated the cross-chain project Poly Network to accelerate the flow of assets in different chains; we have built a Neo-based full-stack DeFi infrastructure – Flamingo, so that developers can develop DeFi projects on Neo more conveniently. We are working hard to improve the various infrastructure of NGI. If 2020 is the year of preparation, 2021 will be the year of harvest. With the launch of Neo3 and the widesp...
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