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Meme Governance dApp: A dApp Boilerplate with Smart Contracts in neow3j and NeoLine integration!

Hello everyone! We released today the Meme Governance dApp! It was part of the workshop [Building dApps with Governance on Neo N3]( Try it out: We also published a Twitter thread with a lot of pointers that you guys might be interested to take a look: Yes, yes.... we know... you want to see THE CODE, the GitHub repos... ok, here they are: - Contracts: - Frontend: As we wrote in the Tweet thread, the best part is: - Smart Contracts using [neow3j]( - Frontend written in React/NextJS - Full integration with [NeoLine]( YES, it brings a WORKING integration with [NeoLine]( Things can be improved, yes, but at least you can start from that! [Follow us on Twitter](, give us a [GitHub star](, and provide us feedback in the #Java channel in the [Neo Discord]( Thanks!
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