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Magic Cube to Host MCC Token Giveaway Alongside Release of New Staking Partnership Plan

Magic Cube Staking Partner Plan + MCC Giveaway Information

After building a strong English community, we are thrilled to announce the release of our highly anticipated MCC staking partner program.

To commemorate the launch of this program, we are going to be hosting an giveaway and comment competition where everyone who participates will be able to win some MCC tokens.

Please carefully read the rest of this post for more information about our staking partnership plan, the benefits it offers, how to sign up, and how to participate in the giveaway / comment competiton.

Introducing the MCC Staking Partnership Plan

MCC token holders play an integral role in fulfilling our goal of building a decentralized entertainment ecosystem, and as such we have built our staking partnership plan around a central goal of providing staking partners with maximum benefits, while also decentralizing the Magic Cube ecosystem.

Users who decide to stake MCC will have access to a plethora of benefits, including purchasing the tokens with roughly a 30% discount from the market price of MCC’s Ethereum trading pair (the exact discount will fluctuate on a daily basis due to the market volatility.)

The MCC will be locked in a public NEO wallet for 12 months, after which time it will be unlocked and users will have full access to the entirety of their MCC.

Users who recruit other staking partners using their invitation link will have their MCC’s unlocking period cut in half with each new partner that is recruited. Additionally, staking partners will also receive a MCC bonus for each new partner that is recruited.

For more details about the benefits of staking MCC, please take a look at the below image:

In order to be a staking partner, users must purchase 500,000 MCC, and can do so by purchasing it with Ethereum (ETH) after signing up for an account at this link.

Users can read more about our project and get into the n...

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