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Looking forward to 2019: NGC strategic Investment-Trias

NGC Portfolio丨Strategic Investment in Trias By NGC Fund I, to Build Trusted Generic Applications

In recent days, NGC Fund I made strategic investment in Trias and established business partnership to reshape Trias trustworthy blockchain projects. NGC Fund I, governed by NGC, is dedicated to promoting the NEO ecosystem, and we are pleased to share our support for Trias.

NGC is a professional investment platform sponsored by senior investors in NEO and traditional capital markets. Since its inception, it has built a remarkable portfolio successfully and brought high returns to investors, including excellent blockchain projects such as Ontology, Zilliqa, CertiK, Algorand and OasisLabs.

NGC Fund I and NEO Eco Fund are both governed by NGC. NEO Eco Fund is the strategic investment fund of the NEO Foundation, which contributes to the improvement of the NEO ecosystem through strategic capital deployment, project incubation, resource integration and global blockchain industry development. Meanwhile, NGC Fund I focuses on investing in the highest quality blockchain projects, giving the support to the most cutting-edge blockchain technology exploration to propelling the entire industry healthy development.

As a new generation of smart contract platform, development framework and collaborative ecology compatible with native applications, Trias aims to define a new generation of public chain architectures and build trusted general applications. As we all know, the internet solves the efficiency problem, but it cannot guarantee the application program handles corresponding data correctly in the process of execution. Based on TEE and graphic computing technology, Trias reshapes the trust relationship among general applications.

Trias is composed of three subsystems: Leviatom, a network of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) to achieve correct executions of general-purpose software. Prometh, a traceable development framework to achieve decentrali...

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