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Launching Social Media Marketing for a Blockchain Project with No Prior Experience (Part 2)

Launching Social Media Marketing for Our Project from Scratch (Part 2)

Jan 28

This is article #13 of “180 Days to Startup” series documenting my entrepreneur journey. In case you want to start from the beginning, please click HERE to the first article. You can also check out what is looking to accomplish HERE. Photo by Con Karampelas on Unsplash

This is part 2 of my social media marketing journey for our project. In the last article, I talked about my learnings and techniques to gain exposure through Instagram. I went from a complete noob in social media marketing to having 3.7K followers in 4 months.

Unfortunately, I did not gain nearly the kind of success in the following platforms. In fact, from a follower count’s perspective, I pretty much failed miserably. However, I still got something out of the experience and I would love to share them with you.


As mentioned above, this is my 13th article. I have been publishing articles consistently for half a year (about 1 article every 2 weeks). The stats through this period are as followed:

Total views — 3514 (19.5/day) Total read — 1681 (9.3/day) Total fans (people that clapped) — 102 (0.6/day)

In comparison to the other big writers, my stats are horrible. For the time I have put in, some can say the return isn’t sufficient. And I felt that for a while, until I started looking at my time investment in Medium from a different perspective.

We all know that what we put online, stays online forever. That can be a bad thing if it’s something embarrassing but for the sake of online content, that’s a really good thing. People are still reading my first or second article that I wrote half a year ago. It isn’t much but it’s continuous and it’s passive. Just like the idea of passive income, it all adds up. Maybe one of those readers will be a major investor for us in the future.

In addition to passive exposures, these articles also gave me content to po...

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