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Just migrated and voted. What an awesome experience

* Downloaded the [O3 wallet]( to connect to NEO legacy on ledger * Created a Neo3 wallet in O3 app * Used the [migration]( site to send the legacy NEO to the Neo3. Connected automatically to both wallets * Transferred both my GAS and NEO - within a minute they were both in my new wallet * Went to the [governance]( site to cast my votes. Thoughts: * wasn't sure how I was going to decide who to vote for, but when I saw the options it was a very easy decision if you have been in the Neo/Crypto space for a while. * Not sure when or how to know if I have got my rewards but it does say that voting will commence after 3 months of Neo3 being live. Not sure if voting now means anything but wanted to go through the process. * It may be worth some people waiting until september and getting the 1% Neo * I'm actually not sure how to judge whether I should have waited until after Sept 1st to get the 1% Neo for migration, or doing it now and being an early bird - which gives extra GAS I believe, but anyway I was too excited and did it now. * Not sure how often one should/can vote at the moment, but think I read about once a month, or every 21 blocks or something. Can't quite remember Whatever, I'm really happy I made the move, mainly because the experience was fantastic. Its worth reading the new governance rules and setup to understand what the council can do - its all very nascent at the moment in terms of its real meaning but just doing this shows me what a decentralised governing body can look like and I'm really impressed. Just can't wait to see some more apps that bring Neo to the forefront, and as often mentioned here, some marketing would really get people to take this more seriously I think. Exciting.
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