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Introducing Governance on Switcheo TradeHub and first vote proposal to increase number of validators to 23!

Governance is live on Switcheo TradeHub!

In the next step of our evolution towards radical decentralization, we are empowering you to collectively drive the growth and expansion of Switcheo TradeHub. In this article, we will elaborate on the purpose of Switcheo’s governance feature and share details on how you can vote on the first TradeHub Improvement Proposal!

The Significance of Decentralizing Governance

The launch of Switcheo TradeHub’s on-chain governance feature represents a significant milestone in our transition towards becoming a fully decentralized trading platform.

You, our community hold complete autonomy in the development of Switcheo TradeHub. Be it creating new markets, listing new tokens or updating market parameters, there are endless possibilities to be explored, discussed and improved on, without the constraints of a central governing authority.

Potential threats to the protocol or malicious activity by anyone who has the most voting power can also be mitigated or addressed in a timely manner with the use of Switcheo TradeHub’s governance feature.

The coordination of Switcheo TradeHub governance is done via Discord and the Switcheo Foundation forum. You can use these social channels to raise topics for proposals and discuss proposals for voting in an open and transparent manner. We will also conduct live community calls to discuss proposals to be voted on in detail and take questions from the community.

Ways to Participate in Governance

There are 2 ways to participate in governance. The first is by voting on proposals that resonate with you. If you don't have complete clarity about a proposal, you can first check out our official governance Discord and our community forum to learn more about it before placing a vote.

For those of you who are very familiar with Switcheo and governance in the DeFi space, based on your observations, you can create proposals to make a po...

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