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Introducing a Metaverse on the Moon, TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE 💚

Welcome to TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE- a place of true harmony and infinite potential — where a group of determined Cryptonauts once achieved their “life goals” by landing on the moon, only to realize, it was simply the beginning…

Upon arrival, the Cryptonauts were engulfed with a sense of accomplishment, yet a knowingness that more could be done. In this way, they began their journey of making the moon a place to call their own- a home.

After doing so, and becoming somewhat settled, a group of four brave and adventurous Cryptonauts volunteered to explore the “Dark Side of The Moon”- a place where no one dared to go. However, once they got there, they realized there was nothing dark about it at all…

Bursting with colour, this side of the moon was home to the Moon Babies and the Moon Creatures. It was full of life! Through their enlightening experience the Cryptonauts were finally able to see the true beauty of the universe.

They learned from the Moon Babies and Moon Creatures as their world went from black and white to illuminated. They were no longer devoid of colour, making TOTHEMOON UNIVERSE what it is today, a place of endless growth:

Since then, the Moon Babies have granted the four Cryptonauts the ability to return with a Moon Creature of their choice to the other side; however, in order to do so, they must gain the respect of the Creature. Once respect is attained, Cryptonauts become Moon Trainers.

To do this, a Cryptonaut must obtain enough Explore, Research and Community points. Each Moon Creature holds a varying amount of each type of point as well. The Cryptonauts must have an equal to, or greater amount of points than the Moon Creatures for each category.

The breakdown of the varying level of experience is as follows:

Explore Points: Allows the community to discover the unknown.

Research Points: Helps the community gain a more comprehensive understanding of the universe.

Community Points: ...

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