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Idea for NEO going forward. All dapps accessible in one place in one wallet on your phone. Why haven’t we done this?

Trust wallet, have any of you used it? It’s easy, it’s user friendly and gives you access to a whole host of dapps such as defi, nft marketplaces, gaming all sorts on a wallet app on your phone. Links into your wallet so you can use your funds on any of these dapps easily. In my opinion ease of access and ease of use are what will win. Does any of the NEO team know why none of their dapps are on trust wallet? If flamingo was on there for example I can guarantee a huge increase in people using it. I’d use it, I’d love that. Not sure if they’re just waiting for N3, but 100% they should get on it, or even make their own. Are there any plans for neon wallet to allow you to access a bunch of dapps on the neo ecosystem when in the wallet? Definitely should! That’s what will get people using the ecosystem and to see the benefits neo offers. Please discuss, I’d love to know if there’s better ideas, or if there’s genuine reasons this hasn’t been done. But after me using trust wallet it blew my mind tbh, and I couldn’t help but think why on earth arent neo dapps on here.
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