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I just signed up to the Epiphany airdrop

There is no ICO so the only way to get in is to be a private investor or via this airdrop. I just signd up, went smoothly and they are working on other ways to get higher airdrop rewards (e.g. socia media), which should go live soon! There is no KYC required, only an email and neo address! Website link: White paper: Sign up link: More info: If you want, use my code - you lose nothing by using it: 00lM7Vc They only announced this airdrop on the 11th May so it's early in the joining up! Signing in each day and clicking a button gets you more rewards too - you'll see what I mean when you sign up! Quote from their Medium Blog: “ Becoming a first-rate global super trading engine platform for digital assets; enabling licensed institutes to rapidly establish their own trading system for digital assets based on EPIPHANY; enabling each participant to trade in a relieved and safe way; and enabling each regulatory authority to monitor EPIPHANY’s operation in real time to reach openness, transparency, and compromise”
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