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How does NEO plan to establish itself as China's leading blockchain platform?*

China is recently becoming more and more open to blockchain technology and even start to discuss about it with crypto project representatives. It doesn't feel unlikely China will opening itself to Crypto again soon. How does NEO plan to position itself as the leading platform in China? Besides that, I'm wondering what progress the NEO Council makes/activities they do in developing the ecosystem besides their roadshow tours? Got the feeling that since Ontology was released the progress is slower than before and communication is slacking lately? Furthermore, I would love to get some updates on: • development of NEO X/ID • decentralization roadmap • progress of bonding with Ontology * Of course NEO should become a leading global platform, the Chinese market is especially interesting due to recent dynamics and changing stance on blockchain.
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Jarvis Redefining Community With AI - NEO For Beginners

Jarvis + comes with a dual token system comprising of the JarvisPlus Coin or JAR and JarvisPlus Gas or JPG. The JAR was created for use in the Jarvis + ecosystem and the total amount of JAR created is...
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Ryu Coin Beta Launches on the Testnet

We’re happy to announce that the Ryu Coin beta has been released to the NEO testnet as part of our submission to the competition. 4. Deposit some Ryu Coin within the Home Base App. You will…