🟦 Hey Fusekinds, the Rentfuse protocol will launch on Friday the 10th of June 2022. Join the RENTvolution! 🚀

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Ready, Rent, Go!

Everything started participating to the Neo Frontier Launchpad Hackathon where Rentfuse won the Best NFT Project Award. In the following months we focused on iterating, coding and optimizing the concept, building the next generation NFT renting protocol on the Neo blockchain.

Now, we are extremely proud to announce that Rentfuse will be launching to the Neo Mainnet on Friday the 10th of June 2022.

What is Rentfuse

Rentfuse is an NFT renting protocol that manages rent operations between NFTs lenders and borrowers. Owners can lend NFTs to generate revenues and borrowers can rent NFTs to use them temporarily.

The system is built upon smart contracts that manage NFTs renting agreements between lenders and borrowers and provide a functional interface to other contracts that allows the interaction with rented assets.

Renting modes

There are two renting modes that can be chosen when listing an NFT: the Escrow mode and the Proxy mode.

The Escrow mode is the default one. It allows a borrower to rent an NFT by paying for the cost of the renting and depositing a collateral chosen by the lender.

The Proxy mode enables ownership safe NFT renting. It works with NFT contracts that adhere the protocol and it allows a borrower to rent an NFT by depositing a small collateral called proxy fee.

At the moment of the launch there will be only the Escrow mode enabled until upcoming collaborations will unlock the Proxy mode for each integrating project.

Renting fees

No renting fees will be applied to renting operations, go rent them all!

Fusekind Bits

Fusekind Bits are a series of freely mintable NFTs that we set up on the Testnet in order to provide a funny way to test the protocol. For the moment they won’t come to the Mainnet, at least with their current form.

In the meantime, they will spend their time teaching some tricks to curious creatures that will be joining the Refuspace later this year.

To infinity and beyond

Rentfuse aims to revolutionize the NFT universe by introducing a safe and reliable way to rent digital assets. This could open the space for the most disparate use cases, spanning from easy-to-use metaverse rent operations, to real life use cases.

On Friday the 10th of June 2022 you’ll be able to start lending your NFTs and renting new ones on the Rentfuse website.

The digital assets economy is coming to life and Rentfuse is ready to be at the forefront of this innovation.

Join the RENTvolution.