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NEO · 2w

Hard Wake Up Call to ALL NEO's holders.

Let's face it, day by day, with the lack of price upward movement and constant dumping (during a BULL MARKET), Neo is coming closer to its death like 90% of all altcoins. Meme coins like doge, shiba, safemoon, hell even just putting your money into ANY altcoins would have yielded a better return than Neo. The lack of urgency in this sub is alarming. Neo keeps bouncing up and down in this price channel for the past 5 years (even lower before the beginning of this year) during a BULLRUN that's been going on (both in crypto and stocks) for what everyone agrees, far too long , and soon will end, I don't even wanna know what price Neo will be when bear market hits for another 3-4 years. Approximately : Neo ATH 150$ (2017) Neo now 40$ (2022) 5 years guys. 5 years. Neo is down 75% from it's ATH and has been trading in this range for the past year (during a bullrun with coins like Doge spiking over 1000%, cumrocket 1000% etc.). We need to hold Neo team and Da Hong accountable. All I see is mods banning people on this sub ( and censoring posts, see yourself, when you try to create a post, look at the warning message they give out), for calling out the total lack of interest he gives to his investors. It's blows my mind. The absolute disregard Da Hong is showing to us couldn't be more than insulting and akind of a pompeous king. Stop worshipping him. You guys sound like Trump supporters. He clearly is very hard headed and not pulling his weight as head of Neo despite repeated multiple pleas from us for him to put a 0.1% portion of his millions into marketing. Even when Neo 3 came out, everybody here truly believe it would moon. But I knew it wouldn't even make a dent in the price. People kept saying "just wait, just wait, Neo to the moon soon!!! " Wait this, wait that. You know how I knew Neo 3 wouldn't do anything? Because usually the price moons BEFORE the release as anticipation for more buyers grows. Instead the only people talking about Neo 3 are... Neo bag ...
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