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GalaHub node selection – High incentive system - Zeepin

How to become a GalaHub node in GalaCloud network

What is GalaHub?

The distributed storage system provided by GalaCloud is composed of multiple GalaHub nodes and GalaBox nodes.

For the introduction of the GalaCloud, click on the link:

GalaHub describes itself as a network server provided by applicants to configure suitable storage space and offer high-performance bandwidth. GalaHub also sees itself as a device to search addresses and as a dispatcher. During GalaHub’s communication with GalaBox, it can obtain key information of Heartbeat of GalaBox, collect service from client side and dispatch the API service.

Daily incentives

Users need to pay Gala for storing files in GalaCloud and 20% of Gala earned from this will be distributed to all GalaHub nodes. The revenue of each node will be determined based on the ammount of mortgaged ZPT. As a reward for early adopters, Zeepin will also provide an additional compensation to GalaHub nodes in the first year of operating.

In the first year, Zeepin Foundation shall compensate GalaHub nodes with Gala equivalents that are 10 times the amount of ZPT mortgage, which is capped at 500,000,000 Gala and will be distributed on a weekly basis. The start of distribution is scheduled forNovember this year.

For more details, see the Zeepin GalaCloud economic paper:

Once the selection begins, we will provide a simple interface to calculate the position on the incentive curve depending on the mortgaged amount of ZPT.

Become a GalaHub node

If you hold ZPT and wish to join GalaHub cluster, you need to submit a mortgage application through the GalaHub participation page. In order to enter the pool you need to mortgage at least 400,000 ZPT (which will be locked for 18 months). At first, 49 GalaHub nodes will be recruited and ranking will be do...

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