From the dev community: Help us get on Stack Exchange! Explanation video - watch for instructions.

5Y Ago

Link to stack exchange proposal:

Competition runs through July 15th

EDIT, Correction: The maximum number of rewards one person can receive is just one reward of 20 NEO. So, ten different people will receive the reward.

Here's the deal:
Go here. Make an account. Ask a question in the NEO Blockchain project. Vote on at least 5 other submissions. Follow the project.

Top ten highest voted questions will win 20 NEO (formerly called ANS or antshares). On the exchange market today, that is roughly $150 worth of NEO.

Across the whole community, our goal is to make sure we have at least 40 questions (or more!) get at least 10 upvotes (or more!), so that the people who own the web space we're competing in see that we are an active and supportive community.

Reach out to me anytime. u/bryanbeus on reddit.

Here's the first post from mods on reddit: