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Earning GAS under NEO 3.0 🥳

After reading it on i think it's so amazing that it needs its own post to highlight it! Under NEO 3.0 You get 17.52 gas/500 neo for each month that you participate in holding and voting. That would be around 175 usd per month for holding 500 neo and vote with them at current pricing. I dont think that i have to paint a picture of what this will do with neo price as soon as this info gets mainstream. If this info hits cointelegraph, coindesk, r/cc,... you can expect some serious fireworks. 🚀🪐🪐 This will dry the orderbook sell side up to the last NEO!
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Neo Spring Challenge Winners Announced

短短一周转瞬即逝,「Neo 春日大挑战」芝士斗士答题活动完美收官!🎉🎉快来看看都是谁靠着对 Neo N3 的充分了解,过关斩将,最终拿到了丰厚的奖品🎁吧!获奖名单公示感谢所有参与“ Neo 春日大挑战 ”活动的粉丝。获奖🏆名单公布如下👇(游戏 ID):恭喜以上…