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Coding on Neo from Zero — Part 3/3

As a Neo fan with zero coding knowledge, I want to shares my experience of going through the “Developing on Neo” course, in a 3-part blog. ​ In this last coding lesson: [](, I had to create a “**dApp”**. This abbreviation stands for “decentralized application” and it is essentially a classic App represented by a smart contract and located on a decentralized network, hence the different denomination. In this case I created a simple calculator that multiplies two numbers. This post covers the following points: 1. The neon-js repository is a useful and necessary tool for creating calls, transactions and smart contracts on the neo blockchain 2. To design a dApp a smart contract and a frontend are required to be made 3. React is used for the creation of the frontend and allows to see what your program produces First things first, I used **“neon-js”** which is a JavaScript Library allowing calls, transactions and smart contract creation. You can find it fairly easily by googling “**neon-js github**” and look for the “documentation website” as illustrated below: ​ Once this is installed, two steps are required to start developing the dApp, **“frontend”** and **“smart contract”.** Commencing with the frontend, I first needed to use “**react”** javascript and create a project template using **“”** (React is a very advanced tool based on the programming language JavaScript. It was developed by Facebook and is used for building user interfaces, also called “frontend”. Basically, thanks to it you will see in your browser what your program produces). While this is actually rather straightforward to do, downloading it takes quite some time. ​
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