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CALL TO ALL INVESTORS: Neo/Gas Price in upcoming Bear Market

As you guys just witnessed. EVERYTHING just crashed today. ALL crypto markets are down in the red. Big huge red candles shooting downward. BTC, ETH and of course NEO. We have to consider as some have already come to expect, that the big bull cycle we had for the past year now may come to an end. And as you all saw, BTC moons up, Neo stagnates. Btc crashes hard, Neo crashes even harder. Look at the Neo/BTC chart for the past 5 years. Lower lows after lower lows. The only correlation with Neo and BTC is that it keeps falling downward, closer and closer to zero. This is a message to ALL Neo investors: We need to come up with a strategy or plan on how to deal with the upcoming bear cycle that may last a few years (3 years the last one). One of which is ways and ideas to market Neo, which it is profoundly lacking. We cannot be driving on cruise mode. We need to accelerate. Even as far as pusbing for Da Hong to step down and have members even from this community, we are younger, more active, more passionate, how know social media well, have good networking skills and can become the new heads of Neo. Otherwise we will not make it past the coming bear market. I am 100% certain. Neo will die.
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DevLog Record for NeoFS & Oracle

RESOURCE LINKS FOR THIS DEVLOG1. Alexey Vanin's "Task Distribution Over Consensus Nodes" article:
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