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A Bug in NEO’s Blockchain Allows Hackers to Steal Remotely says China’s Tencent

China’s Tencent Security Lab has warned the NEO community about a bug which allows hackers to steal tokens from the user wallets remotely.

China’s Tech giant Tencent has informed the NEO developers and node operators about a bug which could potentially allow hackers to steal tokens remotely. According to Tencent’s security lab when a user starts a network node with the default configuration they are at risk of losing their funds.

Tencent’s Security arm published on the Chinese social media platform Weibo alerting users about the critical bug. The firm warns all the node maintainers and ant coin (GAS) holders to pay attention to wallet security and update the client version in time.

The security arm has published three steps to avoid such attacks:


1. Upgrade to the latest NEO-CLI client; 2. Try not to use RPC function, and manually change the address of “BindAddress” to “”; 3. If RPC must be called for necessity, try changing the port number of RPC, leveraging the https-based port of JSON-PRC, or putting up a firewall.

NEO is currently priced at $8.15 with a market cap of $529 Million. Recently Binance, one of the world’s largest exchange rated NEO with a gold label along with other projects like Tron, Verge, and Nano.

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