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60+ NEO-powered dApps deployed to nOS making it one of the world's largest dApp ecosystems

The follow-up If you’re a developer still looking for a spot in the pre-sale:

Build a well documented dApp, open-source it on GitHub, and submit it to nOS on This gives you a chance at a Tier 2 spot in the pre-sale. Alternatively you can also contribute to the nOS Codebase!

Want to start building nOS dApps? Join us on Discord, and check out the nOS API documentation!

Our CLI tool create-nos-dapp allows you to instantly bootstrap a React or Vue dApp powered by nOS (with support for Angular coming soon).

For the dApps submitted for this developers’ event:

The 60+ developers who participated in this event can earn a pre-sale Tier of up to Tier 1.

We will thoroughly review all dApp submissions in the coming days and provide feedback accordingly.

Developers will have a timeline to apply their feedback and make changes for the opportunity to improve their pre-sale Tier (up to Tier 1) for the nOS pre-sale.

When the deadline to apply feedback is reached, we will release an article featuring selected dApps along with their descriptions, source code, and nOS URLs so that anyone can try them out with nOS Client.

Special thanks to our amazing developer community for building 60+ awesome applications!

We’re just getting started.

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