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60+ dApps have been deployed on nOSNet for the dApp Development Event

60+ dApps deployed on nOSNet for the Developers’ Event The deadline for developers to submit their application to nOSNet has been reached. We’re excited to announce that 60+ dApps are now running on nOS, which users can try out with nOS Client.

The past weeks have been very exciting, as 60+ developers in the nOS community all worked towards building and deploying working proof-of-concept dApps to nOSNet.

Activity in the #develop channel on the nOS Discord server sky-rocketed due to the developers helping each other out in achieving their development goals.

Now that the deadline (July 31st) has been reached, we’re proud to announce that the nOS community has made the following achievement:

60+ dApps have been deployed to nOSNet!

This achievement effectively makes nOS one of the world’s largest dApp ecosystems*.

And that’s just with our Testnet.

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