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We spoke to NEM Ventures founder - Dave Hodgson & NEM Software MD - Mike Sotirakos, about their experiences of startups & running successful businesses. Both are mentors at Ignite, the virtual incubator from NEM Ventures.

At Ignite, we’re on a journey to identify, partner and support real-world businesses that build on and demonstrate the power of NIS1 and Symbol from NEM.

We recognise that businesses who are starting out are on a journey: a journey that grows from an idea, into a product, into a business. Getting started on that journey is the hardest step, and getting the right footing is critical to grow from an idea into a successful business.

Ignite offers real-world support for real-world businesses at the start of their journey. Ignite from NEM Ventures is a virtual incubator that can help businesses get the spark they need to become investment ready.

We interviewed NEM Ventures founder and Ignite mentor - Dave Hodgson, and NEM Software MD and Ignite mentor - Mike Sotirakos about their experiences of startups and successful businesses, and how NEM Ignite can help business startups who dare to think big.

Let’s start with you Mike, tell us a bit about some of the start ups you have founded? What was the journey like and what type of businesses have you set up?


What a journey it has been for me with startups! Like the road to Ithaca: long and eventful, full of ups and downs, success and failures all mixed up. One of the most successful startups I worked on was a Safety Critical Systems engineering company with global blue-chip clientele. We specialised in air traffic control, aircraft safety, complex systems, rail, unmanned vehicles, drones and more. We designed the death out of the system! Other startups included sports coaching for children, to AI for medicine and human productivity.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn

From your perspective Mike, do you feel like you matured as a founder with each subsequent startup ?


Every single startup experience provided a huge learning curve. I think I managed to not repeat the same mistakes and had the joy to learn from new ones. You know w...

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