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So Like....

Okay so XEM is on the rise again, beautiful thing fellas! Maybe the 19C was a floor. I'm Not entirely too sure. Also I'd like to better understand block chaining. I've read about it, looked at some videos but I'm not entirely sure i understand any of this. I did do some programming in java. Boring as hell... and the fact that if you miss a ; the whole code is fucked... pardon the french. but anywho. If someone could explain to me or post a link to a Lamens terms way of explaining block chaining. And crypto currencies as a whole, that would be really swell of you. Might even send ya some xem ;p Moving forward, Is crypto currencies literally just coding? I don't really understand what i've read. Thank you to all who read and eventually respond. EDIT: What NODE should i be running off of in my wallet? I changed it from the original just messing around with the app, and I can't remember what it was. it was originally an IP Adress starting with like 192. or something..
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