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Learn more about Bistox Exchange, an advanced semi-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that incorporates the #NEM blockchain technology.

September 25 2018

Bistox is an advanced semi-decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that incorporates the NEM blockchain technology. It is designed for traders with varying levels of knowledge. Bistox features decentralization technology, dividing the resources into parts and operates them in different physical and cloud locations all over the world. Bistox’s token, BSX, will be sold in an ICO that will take place after 2 months.

The platform is considered as one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchange platforms due to a number of technological innovations. Bistox boasts the following features that creates the unique experience while using the platform:

Social trading system Cross-chain transactions Decentralized swaps Atomic swaps Fraud detection and prevention Risk management Escrow transactions Key recovery services 24/7 customer support POWERED BY NEM BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY

Bistox is powered by NEM, the world’s first “Smart Asset” blockchain built with businesses in mind.

NEM is valued for its speed and scalability. NEM is also known for the revolutionary consensus mechanism program Proof-of-Importance (PoI) and Supernode, which guarantee the unlimited growth of the public blockchain with no impact in the bandwidth.

NEM is the first crypto enterprise in the world to create and launch the Smart Assets option. Smart Assets are operated by smart contracts, which are the computerized algorithm.

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