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Learn about #notarization of documents on #NEM blockchain through the notarization online workshop! Check it out!

In this workshop you are going to learn how to prove documents existed prior to certain point in time. This document could be any digital file you can imagine in which you have an interest to notarize — for example a meaningful contract, a movie script or a patent.

After completing the workshop, you will be able to:

Distinguish common strategies to notarize documents in blockchain. Identify different uses for NEM accounts. Modify the blockchain state by announcing transactions.

Based on the Apostille Whitepaper. Apostille defines how to make transferable, updatable, branded, and co-owned notarizations on NEM blockchain.

Target Developers (NEM advanced beginner) Requirements

Before starting the workshop, install the following packages:

Git Docker Docker Compose Node >= 8.9.X. Labs Lab 1 - Running Catapult and project files

1. Introduction

2. Private and private blockchains

3. Prepare your workstation

Lab 2 - Notarizing a document

4. Your first notarization

5. Content and ownership verification

6. Confidential notarization

Lab 3 - Updating a notarization

7. Choosing the transaction recipient

8. Enabling notarization updates

Lab 4 - Co-signed notarization

9. Co-signed notarization

10.Transfer notarization

Lab 5 - Future work

11. Delegated notarization

12. Future work: Apostille library

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