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ICYMI: is set to diversify gift cards through the help of #NEM! Learn how it will positively change the gift marketplace by reading the article below. #nemprojects

June 18 2018

“I could spend $50 and buy something that would be worth nothing to you.” — Prof. Joel Waldfogel

Let us admit, it is too often that the gifts we unwrap end up rewrapped and regifted to families or friends. Probably the size isn’t too fit for you, you just bought the same pair of shoes, it reminds you of a painful memory or the store of the gift card you received is located miles away from your home, etc. We surely have our own share of reasons, but definitely we feel regret too, wishing we can have them replaced for an item that we will actually like or perhaps need. This kind of dilemma is only one of the many conflicts in the gift industry that aims to resolve., which was founded in 2017, is building a trustless and decentralized peer-to-peer exchange of digital card values on the NEM blockchain. Previously, unwanted gift card balances were previously locked up by issuers and held hostage by rent-seeking middlemen, marketplaces that adding little value while demanding 12% to 15% commissions on peer-to-peer transactions. This is why’s intent is to improve gift cards, removing the old stigma and instead, making it as good as your cash.

Built on the NEM Blockchain team is utilizing the NEM Blockchain to build a secondary marketplace for gift cards, (digital store vouchers) transitioning into a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange with 0% commission. This is to facilitate maximum gift card...

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