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5Y Ago

If you know me you will know that I'm still making great money investing into #cryptocurrency , I don't do day trading nor am I a "Professional Trader", but ohh man if I'm always right when it comes to ICOs. I just invest into ICOs that I know will 3x+ my investment. You could say that I'm a fundamentals trader as I just invest into cryptocurrency coins and ICOs in which I believe in. Just like Warrent Buffet's Mentor, Benjamin Graham:

Last ICO In Which I'm Currently Investing Into IS DIMcoin:

In my own words, DIMCoins is an exchange which will allow people to buy Dim Currency with fiat and then be able to trade those Dim currency for stocks, crypto, etc. DIMCoins is a solid investment because it's trying to connect multiple type of investments into cryptocurrency. On top of that you are buying Tokens, at least at the moment because only 10 Million DIMCOIN Tokens will be sell. Each token cost $1 and each one gives you 100 DIMCoins.

Knowing that my investment above is: $3,877.62 + 10,958.98 = $14,836.60 Which gave me: $5,428.67 + $15,284.56 = $20,713.23 Current Profit

My plan with this investment is selling enough DIMCoins to get my initial investment back, keep the rest and keep my DIMCOIN Tokens forever as they will give out dividens. Since DIMCOIN Tokens are Limited supply they can go over $100+ long term. But again, main reason to keep them is because holding DIMCOIN Tokens will pays out weekly dividend to Token holders. I invest into this ICO at Pre ICO price which gave me 40% Bonus.

Update: it seems that a lot of people are not understanding. In simple terms: You buy DIMTOKENS, you will get your DIMCOIN Tokens and 100 DIMCOINS per DIMCOIN Token. Those DIMCOINS are pure profit.

DIMCOIN Tokens Left As I Type This

DIMCOIN Tokens Left: 10,000,000 - 6,533,815.91 = 3,466,184.09 DIMCOIN Tokens Left

Here is a video I made in case you don't know how to invest in Cryptocurrencies: