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First NEM Filipino Meetup in Manila

First Filipino Meetup

The first NEM Filipino Meetup was held on Saturday, July 8 from 12pm to 5pm and was a great success in creating a broader awareness about Blockchain & NEM. Important topics during the Meetup covered were Basics of Bitcoin, Mining Bitcoins and Altcoins, Trading Bitcoins and Altcoins but also very especially the NEM Blockchain.

About 80 participants came to meet the meeting. Most participants were traders, miners and of course Philippine’s based NEMbers. During the meetup, the participants filled the room with a relaxed but highly concentrated atmosphere which proved that a high interest and demand in these topics exists.

As a follow up we are establishing NEM Philippines to promote NEM and to guide some potential startups if they wish to develop their platform with NEM. So far most of them are early investors of NEM and are still holding strong due to the strong fundamental understanding of the NEM Blockchain.

Nelson Valero, Foundation Council Member from NEM, guides this foundation laying knowledge. Hence Nelson is further expanding the awareness about NEM and Blockchain in the Philippines on a daily basis.

Nelson Valero talking at the Filipino Meetup

The NEM Team would like to take this opportunity to say we are happy to have Sir Emerson spearheading the educational process about blockchain and crypto. Furthermore his team is representing NEM Philippines. They are previously experienced in conducting trading seminars and are a good fit to spread the good word about NEM and its technology.

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